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ArkAb -

production of chimeric human antibodies

tl_files/invivolim/images fiches et news/Fiches/ArkAb/arkab.pngArkAb focuses on the in vitro diagnostics market. ArkAb offers to IVD companies a reliable, reproducible and secured source of chimeric human antibodies for several purposes.



Limousin office for university knowledge transfer

tl_files/invivolim/images/logo_avrul.jpgA real interface between the research world and the business world, AVRUL helps to develop partnerships. 


AVRUL Department of Incubator -

Limousin Incubator

tl_files/invivolim/images/logo-avrul-incubateur.jpgSupport and assistance to innovative company creation project bearers.


B Cell Design -

production of humanized antibodies

tl_files/invivolim/images fiches et news/Fiches/B Cell Design/b-cell-design-logo.pngFrom an innovation resulting from the fundamental research of University of Limoges, B Cell Design conceive and produce chimeric monoclonals antibodies.decouvrir

BIODEV Recherche -

Formulas and basic products for cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries

BIODEV Recherche
Expert in R&D project management based in particular on its skills network, BIODEV Recherche is a research laboratory focused on studies and development of formulas and basic products for companies in the cosmetics, agri-food and pharmaceutical sectors. More

Cerebellis -

Expertise in software consulting and development for life sciences


Cerebellis offers an expertise in software consulting and development for life sciences: pharmaceutical laboratories, biotech, cosmetics, agri-food, and health professionals.decouvrir

Covertis -

Green Chemistry

tl_files/invivolim/images/logo-covertis.jpgResearch and development in Green Chemistry : Covertis is specialized in the development of chemical products and processes using Green Chemistry methods and natural substances.  More

Ecomeris -

Green materials, edible films and coatings

tl_files/invivolim/images/Logo Ecomeris.jpgBy means of green technologies and using bio sourced polymers and minerals, ECOMERIS designs edible films & coatings, and bio plastics. more


Scientific and Technological Space for Exchange and Research

tl_files/invivolim/images/logo_ester.jpgThe ESTER Limoges Science Park provides entrepreneurs and project initiators an environment that is conducive to company creation, investment or development, mainly in the fields of innovation or high technology.decouvrir


Genomics, Environment, Immunity, Health and Therapeutics Institute

The GEIST Institute groups together all the teams from Limoges that are acknowledged in the fields of Biology, Health and the Environment.decouvrir


innovative orthopaedic implants

I. Ceram designs, manufactures and commercializes innovative orthopaedic and ceramic implants with unique biocompatibility.decouvrir

IngenomiX -

Animal genomics and engineering

tl_files/invivolim/images fiches et news/Fiches/IngenomiX/logo-ingenomix-2015.pngIngenomiX is a young biotechnology company focused on the study of genomes and the development of new genomics tools to assist breeders for selecting the best animals. Our skills cover the areas of genetics, biological functions, biostatistics and bioinformatics.More


Institute of Research On Ceramics

Research activities on the processing and functionalization by active molecules (proteins, drug susbtances) of phosphocalcic ceramics for applications in the field of bone tissue surgery. More


Laboratory of chemistry for natural substances

tl_files/invivolim/images/logo-lcsn.jpgDevelopment of molecules with therapeutic or phytosanitary properties and recovery of agricultural resources.decouvrir

LCSN antenne IUT -

Laboratory of chemistry for natural substances IUT part

tl_files/invivolim/images/logo-lcsn.jpgThe LCSN antenne IUT specialities are oligosaccharides prébiotiques and probiotic bacteria, especialy the research on their interactions with the gastrointestinal system of the host.decouvrir

METIS Biotechnologies -

Microbiological diagnosis


METIS Biotechnologies is a company specializing in the microbiological diagnosis for industry (agribusiness, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals).



Water treatment, anaerobic digestion and composting.Technology transfer

tl_files/invivolim/images/logo_odessol.jpgODESSOL is an association of technology transfer hosted in the school of water engineering at the National School of Engineers of Limoges. The center for technology transfer is backed by the Research Group on Water-Soil-Environment (GRESE) University of Limoges.more


Society of Treignac spring water

tl_files/invivolim/images fiches et news/Fiches/sest/logo_treignac.jpgBottled spring water.more


Blood fractionation for IVD

Fractionation, extraction and purification of animal and human proteins for in vitro diagnostic. More

SEQENS Cosmetics (ID Bio) -

Extraction of actives substances for cosmetics

SEQENS Cosmetics (ID Bio)
Manufacturer of botanical ingredients for cosmetics that offers vegetable extracts, extracts titrated in molecules and active ingredients. More